I keep your cards in my purse & when I hear someone's had a car accident I ask if they've chosen a lawyer. I truly could not be any happier with the way my case ended.

You & your firm have definitely gone above & beyond what I ever expected from the firm. I never gave a second thought to any of my bills being paid.

Thank you.

-S. Malsom

To the Lawyers who truly make a difference,

Thank you so very much for the referral to Tria Orthopedics, they genuinely care and are concerned for you as a patient. You guys are the same as a law firm... putting the client's needs in the forefront. We very much appreciate you taking care of our medical issues and giving us such great referrals. Also, we thank you ahead of time for taking care the medical bills through National General Assurance... it is so nice not to have to worry about the payment of these bills.

-John & Judy A.

Thank you Jim,

I appreciate your dedication and commitment to this case. You are a wonderful person and I am grateful for you!


Mr. Heuer,

I had so many bad attorneys calling, knocking on my door and waiting for me at the doctor's office. There are some very shady lawyers out there, which made me leery of them all. I then received a personal referral from a friend to call you. Not only did my friend speak so highly of you but I felt the same after working with you. You gave the education to make informative decisions and helped me completely understand the depth of my case.

-Jacci U.


Congratulations on Terry's case. WOW you really are amazing! Thank you for your patience, passion, and commitment to excellence! Thank you!

-Michael M.

Thank you Jim for everything. The outcome yesterday would not have been possible without you and your team. Tell them all Thanks for me.

-Joseph L.


Thank you over and over for everything you have done for us, you have become a part of our family.

-Kristi W.

Jim and Associates,

Words cannot express the true depth of my gratitude, from the first time meeting you until today you still make randoms calls to check on us. I really appreciate you.



When you come close to meeting you're Maker, life changes you. Your compassion and experience gave us an opportunity to understand and face this tragic event. The outcome of this has given us a life we had not ever dreamed of, thank you for absolutely everything!

-Kay & Bill J.

Mr. James Heuer,

I appreciate the time you spent with me listening. Your insights and the education gave me a very eye opening experience to assist me with my career path.

-Magdalena C.

May the peace and joy you bring to all come to you in abundance.

-Charles N.

The firm has a family feel from the minute Attorney Heuer takes the call he reassures the client that they will be taken care of every step of the legal process, provided by his compassion and straight forward character.

-Anonymous Client

Thank you for everything you have done for Phillip. We are both very grateful for all your hard work you put in to helping him. He truly looks up to you and always takes what you say  and do for him to heart. I can’t thank you enough. Have a wonderful holiday season! Don’t work too hard.


Hi Jim!  I believe it was you who called me today with information regarding the awesome settlement offer on my auto accident.  I wanted to thank you again for the call and for all you've done on my behalf. I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone in answering my questions as well.  I'm so glad I contacted you after my accident because it has taken a huge load off my shoulders.


I’ve told you this… but the world should know how amazing you are: SO incredibly blessed to have met you because of that “accident”. I can never in my life make attorney jokes again! You've ruined them all by being the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, understanding, champion on the planet!! I couldn’t be more grateful for having you in my life.