Case Results

Lead in Toy Kills 4-Year-Old Boy

Settled Outside of Court

The Estate of Jarnell Brown v. Reebok International Ltd.

Case: Product Liability and Wrongful Death

Athletic shoe and apparel maker Reebok International Ltd. included a gift with purchase charm bracelet that contained toxic levels of lead and resulted in the death of 4-year-old Jarnell Brown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The civil penalty is the largest ever for a violation of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Jarnell died after ingesting the plate from the gift with purchase from Reebok.

The Brown family reached a confidential settlement with Reebok in Hennepin County District Court. The family attorney James Heuer, Jr. settled the case without litigation. Settlement demand with no court hearing.

Motorcycle Hits Vehicle

Settled Outside of Court

J B v. R B

Hearing Attorney: James A. Heuer Jr.

Lead Attorney: Mark Lund

Injuries Alleged: Auto Accident

Settlement Total Amount: $302,500.00

Breakdown of Settlement: $242,500.00 MEDIATED SETTLEMENT

Liability Settlement: $60,000.00

JB was driving his vehicle and a motorcycle didn't see him rounding a turn. The driver of the motorcycle did admit that he didn't see JB rounding the corner.

JB suffered injuries to his left toe that was refracted, deep bruising on his knee and a right patella fracture. His right thumb was dislocated and his leg was placed in a stabilizer. He was placed into a walking boot on the left side and his right hand in a brace (this was casted).

This case was litigated by James A. Heuer Jr.

Intoxicated Driver Kills His Friend in Car Crash

Coverage Obtained for Victim's Family

Estate of H v. State Farm

Injuries Alleged: Death

Settlement Amount: $50,000.00

Highest Offer: $50,000.00

Plaintiff's Attorney: James A. Heuer, Jr. Defense Attorney for the Estate of H:

H was a passenger in a friend's car who was intoxicated and crashed the car resulting in the death of H.

State Farm had disputed whether or not H was a member of the household of his parents and thus eligible for no-fault benefits.

Through investigation and negotiation, attorney Heuer was able to convince the State Farm Insurance Company that H was, in fact, a member of the household entitling him to No-Fault benefits and underinsured motorist benefits.

This tragic loss of life would have been worse if the family had been left without the insurance coverages that attorney Heuer was able to obtain after State Farm initially denied the claim.

Bicyclist Struck by Car

Settled within Two Months

TG v. JM

Case: Auto Accident

TG was proceeding down the roadway when JM opened his car door into his path, causing him to be thrown off his bicycle. JM was ticketed for his driving conduct.

TG's injuries included a fractured rib, comminuted shoulder fracture, punctured lung and compound fracture in his right hand. This case was settled by James Heuer, Jr. within two months of the accident with no court hearing with a settlement demand.

Pedestrian Grandmother Killed by Car

Settled Outside of Court

Estate of CW v. American Family Insurance Company

Case: Wrongful Death

CW, age 68, was walking in a crosswalk in her hometown of Watertown, MN when she was struck by a 35-year-old driver. The driver of the vehicle was insured by American Family Insurance Company.

CW was taken by ambulance to the Waconia Hospital, stabilized and then transferred to HCMC where she ultimately died. The Estate of CW was settled out of court with a settlement demand covering the injury-related costs and providing a monetary betterment for her children and grandchildren.

Boy Killed by School Bus in Downtown St. Paul, MN

Settled Outside of Court

Estate of FS v. Urban Academy and First Student, Inc.

Case: Wrongful Death

FS, a 6-year-old student at Urban Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, was hit and killed by a First Student-owned and operated school bus. FS was heading to the bus after school when another bus carrying six children aboard struck FS and crushed him to his death. The Estate filed suit against both the school and the bus company. This case was settled out of court with a demand settlement by James Heuer, Jr. and his legal team.

Family Dog Bites Friend's Face

Lump Sum Settlement Out of Court

Patty v. Miranda

Case: Dog Bite

Patty was a friend and one-time roommate of Miranda's. Miranda needed assistance with her dogs and wanted a personal friend to care for them when she was away. Patty was a perfect fit because of her relationship with the dogs and knowing their demeanor. Patty traveled to Miranda's to care for the dogs, and in a split second her friend heard her screaming. As he approached the kitchen, he witnessed Patty's nose, lip, and cheek were being held in the dog's grip by its teeth. This left Patty to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance and stay in the hospital for over 3 days. Patty will need at least five more procedures just to repair her nose.

Patty's case was settled for a lump sum settlement out of court. The settlement amount will cover her ongoing mental and medical care.

Impaired Driver Hits Harley Davidson Motorcyclist

Settlement with No Court Hearing

Cheney v. Olson

Case: Auto Accident

Cheney has been riding for years, has lots of experience, and understands the dangers of riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. But when you are hit by a vehicle that has an impaired driver and runs a stop sign, your experience doesn't quite matter.

Cheney suffered a broken back with his L1 crushed along with several of the smaller bones in pieces with his eight fractured ribs and his scapula broken. His head was stapled three times to close the wounds. Cheney was airlifted by helicopter to HCMC. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and taken into custody.

This severe case resulted in a settlement demand with no court hearing.

Mother's Death by Prescription Drugs

Confidential Settlement Outside of Court

Estate of SM v. Medical Center

Case: Medical Malpractice

SM went to her local clinic near her home for a toothache and that was diagnosed as an abscess. She was prescribed Amoxicillin. She is allergic to penicillin, as stated and stored in her medical file. This resulted in SM's death five days later after taking the penicillin as prescribed.

SM's family's minor settlement with the medical center responsible was settled out of court for a confidential amount.

Two Girls Hurt in Carnival Ride in Hinkley

Large Amusement Park Settlement

M v. Magel's Carnival-Midway

Case: Personal Injury

M and her cousin looked forward to the carnival coming to Hinkley each year.

The Zipper ride was one of their favorites. A carnival employee is responsible for securing the door on the ride before the ride begins. The passengers have no control over the exterior lock.

The carnival employee neglected to put the pin in the door and began the ride.

M and her cousin fell out of the ride when the Zipper door opened, landing on the ground sustaining severe injuries.

These injuries included a severe head trauma with brain injury, fractured lumbar vertebrae, and numerous cuts and bruises. We negotiated a settlement with the insurance carrier for all parties involved.

It is believed to be one of the largest monetary settlements for amusement park negligence in Minnesota.

Mack Truck Head-On Collision with Harley Davidson

Family Received Structured Settlement

E v. A Irrigation

Case: Auto Accident

On August 2, E was on his Harley Davidson motorcycle when the insured driver of a Mack truck semi tractor-trailer illegally turned in front of him, causing a head-on collision.

Upon impact, E slid under the semi, was trapped, and had to be extricated by emergency medical technicians. E was airlifted to North Memorial Center. E's injuries were life-threatening. The gravity of his brain injury was such that it kept him in a coma for two weeks.

The severity of E's injuries utterly deprived him of his independence. James A. Heuer, Jr.'s  demand included the following for the families structured settlement:

  • Loss of Wage
  • Total Loss of Wage
  • Liability
  • Effects on the Family
  • Medical Expenses

Foggy Crash Kills Passenger & Injures Driver

Settled Outside of Court

AI v.  BF

Case: Auto Accident

Defendant, BF ran a stop sign and struck the AI vehicle, killing AI's passenger and severely injuring AI.

AI was placed in the hospital for six days after the accident for injuries to his knees and back and kidneys. AI had titanium rods placed in his back and had to wear a back brace for support after surgery.

James A. Heuer, Jr. negotiated with the insurance companies to ensure that the client's needs were met. The demand was settled out of court.

Rear end Auto Accident

Resolved Through Arbitration

Dorothy Hanson v. Kimberly Lewis and Jared Lewis.

Case: Auto Accident

This is a rear-end motor vehicle crash in which the best pre-litigation offer was $22,100.00. A lawsuit was commenced by Heuer Fischer on behalf of Ms. Hanson, and the case was filed in Hennepin County District Court and assigned Case Number 27-CV-19-11797. The resolved through binding arbitration, which resulted in a gross award to the Plaintiff of $99,089.33 plus interest.

24- Year Old Victim of A Dog Attack

Settled outside of court

Case: Dog Bite 

Settlement Amount: $175,000.00

2020 Settlement – Victim is a 24-year-old woman who was bitten by a dog while she was trying to get her car repaired. The medical bills totaled under $19,000; however, she suffered from some loss of strength in her hand. The case settled without the need for litigation for 175,000.00;

65- Year Old Women gets bit by neighbors dog

Coverage Obtained for Victim

Case: Dog Bite

Settlement Amount: $46,500.00

Highest Offer: $18,000.00

2019 Binding Arbitration Award – Victim 65-year-old woman whose neighbor's dog came into her yard and bit her foot resulting in $7,000.00 of medical treatment. Pre-litigation, their best offer was $18,000.00. The Gross Award was $46,500.

Man gets bitten while working in defendants lawn

Coverage Obtained for Victim

Case: Dog Bite

Highest Offer: $12,000.00

Settlement Amount: $120,000.00

2018 Jury Verdict - Robert Scott Woodworth v. Kent and Amanda Adams, Hennepin County Discit Court File NO: 27-CV-17-89. Mr. Woodworth was a 63-year-old male who was bitten while working on the Defendant's home lawn. The defendant attorney told the jury to award the Mr. Woodworth $12,000.00. The jury disagreed and awarded Mr. Woodworth $120,000.00 plus interest.

Friends Dog Bites 23-year-old women

Coverage Obtained for Victim

Case: Dog Bite

Settlement Amount: $100,000.00

2016 Settlement – Victim was a 23-year-old woman who was bitten by a friend's dog. The case settled pre-trial for the $100,000 policy limits.

63-year-old man suffered neck injuries

Large Settlement Obtained for Victim

Settlement Amount: $546,000.00

Highest Offer: $5,000.00

2020 Verdict: Earl Zent v. Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Hennepin County District Court File No.: 27-CV-19-333. Mr. Zent was a 63-year-old man with prior cervical fusions. Mr. Zent suffered an injury to his neck and resulted in him undergoing multiple surgeries to correct. The best settlement offer made in this case was $5,000.00. The jury trial lasted four days. The jury awarded Mr. Zent $546,000.00.