Serving injured victims in Minneapolis

A slip and fall accident in real life is unlike a pratfall in a comedic movie or play: trips and falls sometimes have serious and life-changing consequences. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Americans suffer more than one million injuries per year due to slip-fall accidents, and that more than 19,000 people die as a result. When those injuries or a death are due to poor building design or maintenance, the owner and managers of the property can be held liable for the consequences.

At Heuer Fischer, P.A., our lawyers work with injured parties and their families to help eliminate the financial costs that result from such accidents, which can be considerable. Additionally, when you seek our help, you can expect to be treated with the utmost care and consideration at all times. We are proud to have built a reputation throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin for being compassionate, responsive and easy to work with.

What to do if you experience a slip-and-fall injury in Minnesota

If you require medical attention, your first step should be to seek it immediately through a qualified healthcare provider (board-certified physician or hospital emergency room).  But your next step should be contacting us.

Typically, slip-fall, as well as trip-fall accidents injure ankles, forearms, hands, hips, pelvises, spines and upper arms. In some cases, severe traumatic brain injury can result. But not all such injuries are noticed immediately after the fall. Some injuries surface days, weeks and even months later. So it is essential to document your injuries through seeking appropriate medical care.

After receiving medical attention, contact an attorney who can build a case based on the following:

  • The injury was sustained in the fall — As soon as you suffer injury, it is important to document the location and nature of the hazard.

  • The injury could have been prevented with better property design or management — When you identify the hazard at fault, determine if it was there by design or due to an intervening event, such as poor maintenance.

  • The injury incurred costs and possibly non-economic loss — Medical bills and lost time from work in the present are relatively easy to calculate. However, an economist can help project future medical costs and wage losses (if resultant disabilities preclude your ability to work).

Accident injury and wrongful death lawyers in Minneapolis

If you suffered a slip-and-fall accident, speak with an attorney at Heuer Fischer, P.A. This type of lawsuit is handled on a contingency basis, meaning that you bear no costs until after a satisfactory judgment is received to compensate you for your injuries and related costs.

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