The lawyers at Heuer Fischer, P.A. have long worked with victims of brain injury resulting from car, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. But with growing awareness that even a simple knock on the head may have consequences while participating in soccer, football, hockey, gymnastics or lacrosse, more people are aware that under some circumstances these injuries may be grounds for a lawsuit. They realize even mild brain injuries — from sports, car accidents, even simple slip-and-fall events — can have long-term consequences, including reduced earnings capabilities several years into the future.

When the results are traumatic brain injury (TBI), victims are often rendered more than unemployable — they are dependent on others for the basics of living. The limiting effects of mild brain injuries (which include concussions) sometimes are more subtle and are not realized until months and years after an accident.

Our goal at Heuer Fischer, P.A. is to help brain injury victims obtain just compensation. We provide personalized legal guidance, experienced counsel and compassionate assistance every step of the way.

Filing a claim for TBI

If the cause of the injury was due to the negligence or intent of others, those parties should bear the financial burden of the head injury. But it often takes the work of a good legal team to draw the connection. This is because the following needs to be proven in any mild or severe brain injury case:

  • That a negligent act caused the accident

  • That the accident caused the injury (and not another, unrelated event)

  • That the head injury had financial consequences, including medical treatment, lost time from work, inability to work in the future and emotional trauma.

We have access to expert witnesses who can help in establishing all three criteria. Additionally, our lawyers have a reputation for being both responsive and understanding. Plus, while many law firms rely on injury victims to come to them, we understand the severity of your condition and we will travel to your home or to the hospital to discuss your case with you.

Brain injury attorneys in Minneapolis

Whether dealing with mild, moderate or several brain injuries, contact the lawyers at Heuer Fischer, P.A. to discuss your case. The consultation is free and the firm will not charge for services until after a satisfactory judgment is awarded by the court or reached through an out-of-court settlement.

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