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Most dog owners are bewildered when their dog is accused of biting a child, an adult or another animal. In the controlled environment of their own home, the dog may never have exhibited aggressive of violent behaviors. But previous dog behaviors are not an acceptable defense in a dog bite lawsuit.

The dedicated lawyers at Heuer Fischer, P.A. Attorneys at Law, can explain to a dog bite victim that the only defense argument may be that the dog was provoked to bad behavior by the victim. Other points that are key to seeking a compensatory award from a dog owner are:

  • Rules apply to both owners and keepers of dogs — According to the Minnesota dog bite law (Section 347.22), if a dog is left in the care of a third party, that party bears the responsibility for safety as much as the owner.

  • Comparative negligence rule does not apply in dog bites — In some states, the amount of responsibility a dog owner bears on injuries inflicted by his or her dog might be reduced if the victim bore partial responsibility. However, in Minnesota it is an all-or-nothing proposition: if the victim did not provoke the dog, the full responsibility weighs on the dog owner.

In other words, the rules largely favor the dog bite victim — when he or she can provide sufficient evidence about the conditions of the attack.

Proving the victim did not provoke the dog

Dog bites are very common events. More than 4 million people in the U.S. annually sustain a dog bite, and about sixty percent of those victims are children. A full twenty percent of dog bites require medical attention and 30,000 people get reconstructive surgery as a result of a dog bite injury.

Yet for a victim to be compensated for the costs incurred as a result of a dog bite, the services of an attorney are exceptionally important. With a lawyer, victims are better able to prove that they did not provoke the attack, that the attack led to injuries and that the long-term costs of those injuries should be borne by the dog owner (and his or her insurance company, when that party is properly insured).

Work with experienced personal injury and dog bite attorneys in Minneapolis

The attorneys at Heuer Fischer, P.A. are accustomed to working with the full range of personal injuries that can be attributed to the negligence of others. With dog bites (and all other types of personal injury litigation), the client pays nothing until a satisfactory judgment or settlement is achieved.

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