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When a product fails and someone consequently suffers serious injuries or death, it undermines our trust — and can cost victims a lot of money. Heuer Fischer, P.A. work closely with individuals who suffer injuries because of defective products.

While much attention is given to children's product safety failures, serious injury and death can happen to people of all ages. These injuries come from poorly designed or poorly manufactured products in a broad range of categories: consumer electronics, sports and recreation, household goods, furniture, food, appliances, cars and automotive components (tires, brakes, air bags, etc.).

How manufacturers of products fail — and compensate victims

To what degree are those who design, manufacture and sell products responsible for safety? Simply, each party who is commercially engaged in making and selling a product should ensure that it is reasonably safe for use as intended.

For example, a bicycle is not safe for riding off a 100-foot cliff — no manufacturer would claim it is and no reasonable consumer would expect as much. But under normal conditions the bicycle parts should hold together, steer with ease and have working brakes such that the bicyclist can ride it safely in traffic. If the brakes fail because they were poorly designed or improperly made, one or several parties (including sometimes the retailer, who is expected to carry safe products) should cover the financial burden imposed upon the consumer due to injuries.

The victim of a product failure needs to follow some key steps in helping his or her attorney assemble a successful product liability lawsuit:

  • Save physical evidence — The product in question, including instructions and packaging (if available) should all be held for examination by the court. This should also include the name of the manufacturer, serial numbers, model names, when purchased and where.

  • Collect witnesses — Anyone who witnessed use of the product and who can tie that use to your injuries should be documented (name, phone, email and postal mail information).

  • Speak only with your attorney — Do not weaken the product liability lawsuit with hearsay or conversations with insurers or any other third party. It is safest to discuss matters relating to the case exclusively with your lawyer.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to a product safety failure, meet with an attorney from Heuer Fischer, P.A. to schedule a free consultation and to receive an honest assessment about your case.

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