Jonathan Fischer’s Recent No-Fault Awards

What is No-Fault Coverage?

Minnesota has a statute that allows people injured in car accidents to get medical treatment, wage loss, and replacement services regardless of fault from their own insurance policy. No-fault applies to whether you hit a tree, deer, or were hit by a negligent driver, thus the term is "no-fault." Minnesota statutes require every insurance policy issued in the state Minnesota provide at least $20,000 of medical and $20,000 of wage loss "no-fault" coverage. When your insurance denies your claim, usually after sending you to their Doctor, we fight for your rights through a process known as no-fault arbitration. The awards are subject to the remaining no-fault coverage and can not be over $10,000.00 at the time of filing.

Most No-Fault cases settle prior to the hearing. Below are a few examples of my No-Fault cases that did not settle and the resulted Award:


Best Offer


S.W. v. American Family


$15,551.14 (Policy Limits)

G.P. v. Metropolican Counsel



S.W. v American Family Insurance



S.K. v. State Farm Insurance



S.R v. Western National Insurance



J.C. v. American Family Insurance



T.R v. Gieco Insurance


$21,949.96 (Policy Limits)

D.S. v Metropolican Counsel



M.B. v. State Farm Insurance


$1,338.77 (Policy Limits)

F.B. v. American Family



E.G. v. American Family



V.J. v. Metropolican Counsel



L.D. v. AMCO Insurance



C.C. v. American Family



S.W. v. Progressive Direct Insurance Company



C.H. v. State Farm Insurance



M.B. v. State Farm Insurance



J.C. v.State Farm Insurance



T.D. v. ECM Insurance



K.G. v. Illinois Farmers Insurance Company



A.B. v. American Family Insurance Company



F.A. v. State Farm Insurance Company




R.O. v. Progressive Preferred Insurance



A.F. v. State Farm Insurance Company



T.D. v. ECM Insurance (2020)



R.C. vs Gateway Insurance Company



M.N. v. Metropolitan Counsel



C.J. v. American Family Insurance



C.P. v Allstate Insurance Company





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